Ramanichandran is a prolific Tamil romance novelist, and presently the best-selling author in the Tamil language. She has written 158 novels, most of which first appeared serialized in magazines like Kumudam and Aval Vikatan and were later brought out in book format by Arunodhayam. Some of her famous novels are ValaiOsai,Mayangugiral oru madhu, Venmayil ethanai nirangal, Adivazhai. She is the sister of HCL Shiv Nadar.

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Sujatha Rangarajan


Sujatha Rangarajan is a author of over 100 novels, 250 short stories, ten books on science and ten stage plays. He was one of the most popular writers in Tamil literature. is works stood out during a time when Tamil writing was dominated by social/family dramas and historical novels.
In addition to the novels, stories, essays he wrote, he helped introduce haiku poetry to Tamil audiences. In his later days he restricted his writing to essays such as Katradhum-Petradhum. He began to spend more time reading, especially old rare Tamil writings and writings on the latest developments in information technology and computing. As an engineer, he was a forward thinker and he was the key person behind the development of the Electronic Voting Machine in India.



Sandilyan is a tamil writer of Historical fiction.He started writing Tamil short stories in the Tamil Weekly Sudesamithran and also worked as a reporter in Sudesamithran. He later wrote about his film world experiences in his book Cinema Valarndha Kadhai. He was one of the very few Tamil writers to get a monthly salary from Kumudam for his novels. His historical novels were published in book form by Vanadhi Padhippagam and became best sellers.

Indra Soundarrajan


Indra Soundarrajan is a well-known Tamil author of short stories, novels and television serials. His stories typically deal with cases of supernatural occurrence, reincarnation, ghosts and divine intervention. Two or three of his novels are published every month in publications such as Crime Story and Today Crime News.



Balakumaran is a Tamil writer, author of over 150 novels and 100 short stories. His writings are noted for a distinct philosophical and religious tone. He presently resides at Mylapore, Chennai. Fondly called as Ezhuthu Sithar by his fans.He is a disciple of “sri yogi ram surath kumar”.In his many novels he shows immense interest in enlightenment.

Anuradha Ramanan


Anuradha Ramanan was a Tamil writer. She was born in 1947 in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. Anuradha started her career as an artist before making several unsuccessful attempts to get a job with popular magazines. Anuradha wrote nearly 800 novels and 1,230 short stories. One of her early works Sirai, won a gold medal for the best short story from Ananda Vikatan.
Following this, her other novels Kootupuzhugal, Malarin Payanam and Oru Veedu Iruvasal were adapted into films in various languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. She was awarded a gold medal by M. G. Ramachandran, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Rajesh Kumar


Rajesh Kumar is a Tamil novel writer, most famous for his crime, detective, and science fiction stories. Since publishing his first short story “Seventh Test Tube” in Kalkandu magazine in 1968, he has written over 1,500 short novels and over 2,000 short stories. His writing is widely popular in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and in Sri Lanka.

Kalki krishnamurthy


Kalki Krishnamurthy is a novelist and also famous for short story writer. He derived his pen name from the suffixes of his wife name Kalyani and his name Krishnamurthy in Tamil form as Kalki. His writings includes over 120 short stories, 10 novelettes, five novels and three historical romances.
In 1923 he joined as a sub-editor in Navasakthi. Leaving Navasakthi in 1928, Krishnamurthy stayed with C. Rajagopalachari at the Gandhi Ashram in Tiruchengode in Salem district. Vikatan published many of his short stories and novels (as serials). Although Kalki’s historical romances captured the hearts of thousands of readers, recreating for them the glorious Tamil life during the periods of Pallavas. Kalki’s contribution to the cause of Tamil music is also noteworthy.